Transitional Residence in San Marino

On a large flat lot in San Marino amidst a magnificent Japanese garden, meticulously cared for for decades by the owner’s grandfather, this 6000 square-foot Modern Transitional house was inspired by the famous Midwest Prairie Style houses of Frank Lloyd Wright of the 1910’s and 1920’s. The layout of the site was derived from the available views, the context of the existing Japanese Garden plantings, and the incorporation of traditional Feng Shui planning principles. A massing of individual wings that reach out from a central core creates several intimate exterior courtyard spaces. Low slung terracing hipped roofs, with cantilevers and deep overhangs, emphasize horizontality and serenity. An entry sequence of crossing over two bodies of water before arriving at the somewhat hidden entry courtyard where the front door is, emphasizes the peace and tranquility of this place. Large amounts of glass, smooth steel troweled stucco,indirect lighting, mangaris wood, and cleft cut granite are the primary materials used throughout the house and site.

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