Renovations and Additions to a Historic Tudor Estate in Pasadena

In this classic 1920’s Tudor Style Estate in Pasadena, we refurbished much of the existing interior while also carefully adding on a large amount of additional space.

Secretly hidden on a completely self contained park-like flag lot off of what was once known as “Millionaires Row” in historic Pasadena, much of the house had been kept in good condition, yet many areas were in need of refurbishment.  We carefully melded the needs of modern kitchen, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, and exterior terraces with the historic fabric and detailing of portions of the house.

On the exterior, smooth stucco, steel windows, precast concrete, copper detailing, slate roofing, and vintage handmade wrought iron grillwork and light fixtures seamlessly continue the theme of the original structure.  Inside, walnut cabinetry and paneling, tracery ceilings, travertine, marble, granite, were used to enrich the interior spaces as they would have been built originally.

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